Products and Tools to Help Fight a Hair Cowlick
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Products and Tools to Help Fight a Hair Cowlick


Four Products and Tools to Help Fight a Hair Cowlick:

1. A root brush

A root brush, like the style from Amazon, pictured below, can help tame a cowlick. The style shown below is called the Curly Hair Solutions Root Brush and it is priced at $11.99. These kinds of brushes have flexible bristles so that you can get in and brush a cowlick in the opposite direction to the way it sits to help redirect the hair to where you would like it to go. The style pictured also has a tail comb on the opposite end of the brush. This can come in handy when trying to create precise parts in the hair.

2. A Flat iron

When you use a flat iron on your hair it applies lots of heat to get all the strands of your hair to sit in a desired manner. Obviously, the most common use for a flat iron is to straighten the hair, but they can also be used to create curls or help control a cowlick. You simply need to apply your flat iron close to the roots of the hair pulling it in the direction you want it to sit. In some cases, this can help counteract a cowlick for a day or two if you keep your hair dry.  Depending on how strong the cowlick is. If you need to buy a flat iron Amazon typically has many thousands of flat irons available for sale to choose from.

3. A strong styling gel

A strong styling gel can be used on a cowlick either alone, or in conjunction with other tools to enhance the effectiveness of combating a cowlick. A product recommended for taming cowlicks is Loreal Studio Style Gel I invisi mega hold. This can be purchased for $9.99 at Amazon.

4. A Hot hair brush

A good blow dryer technique can help tame a cowlick, but if you struggle to wield a round brush and blow dryer at the same time this can prove difficult to master. A hot hair brush can help make it a lot easier. A hot hair brush features a brush that rotates and distributes heat to the hair at the same time. You simply pop it under the hair close to the roots on the area you want to tame. Typically you want to pull the hair in the opposite way to how the cowlick sits if this works with your hairstyle.  The Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer, pictured below,is an example of a hot hair brush that can help rectify a cowlick. It features a 1 inch barrel that allows you to get in close to the roots of the hair. You will find it at Amazon for $14.97.

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Comments (5)

Great tips! Will have to try them on my pesky cowlicks!


great tips ! thank you

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