Get Rid of Dandruff and Cradle Cap at Home

These are home remedies or relief measures you can take at home for dandruff and cradle cap. This is a common condition that many adults and babies suffer from.

Dandruff in an adult and cradle cap in babies are common, but harmless. Both involve a scaling and flaking of the scalp area. The technical term is seborrheic dermatitis, which is a type of rash which occurs in places other than the scalp.

Dandruff can be irritating as well as embarrassing. Finding ways to get rid of the problem as soon as possible is what sufferers seek. These are several different treatments that can provide relief.


To get rid of dandruff, use an over the counter anti dandruff shampoo every day until it’s gone. Look for hair care products which contain an active ingredient of salicylic acid, selenium, sulfur and tar. Start the process of treating your dandruff with shampoo.

Work the shampoo into your hair as you actively massage your scalp to loosen the flakes and work the medicine into your scalp. This will make certain the scales will flake off. Rinse with luke warm water, make certain it is not hot, and repeat the process.

To avoid dandruff or lessen it, avoid overusing heat in your scalp area. This would include overusing things such as hair dryers or electric curlers.

If you have stubborn dandruff that does not improve or go away try using different shampoos. Some shampoos have other active ingredients that work along with these four ingredients that may work for you. Everyone is different and find which one will work best for you.

Make certain all of the combs and brushes that are used while you have the condition are always cleaned and free of dandruff flakes and soap.

Wearing light colored clothing may make your dandruff less noticeable. If over the counter medications don’t work for you, discuss the issue with your physician to determine if prescription medications will provide relief.

Cradle cap

Cradle cap in babies can start as early as the day they come home from the hospital. Most babies that have cradle cap will usually show the condition the week or two after birth.

Massage your babies scalp gently with your fingers, a soft washcloth or extremely soft brush. This will loosen the scales and improve the circulation of the scalp.

Use a gentle mild shampoo every day until the scales are gone. After the condition is gone, use the same shampoo that provided relief at least twice per week. Make certain all of the soap is rinsed from the scalp

Brush your baby’s hair with a clean, soft, brush after shampooing and a couple of times during the day.

If the scales do not loosen easily with massage, shampoo and brushing, put a light coat of mineral oil on the scalp before each shampoo


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